Thursday, 17 December 2009

Daffodil planting at Ebrington school

This morning Myself, John, Gordon and Matt, went over to Ebrington school. we had a few surplus Daffodils left and got in touch with Mrs Robertson one of the teachers there and she was very happy for the garden team to plant them in the school grounds. Every child from rececption to year 6 was involved and planted at least one clump of bulbs. the weather was very sunny but cold and the ground was very claggy! the children really enjoyed the morning and dug the planting pits with gusto.

The Hidcote team also really enjoyed the morning and I was tickled by one comment made by a young boy, which was about the digging spades we were using, he said " a spade a great peice of technology!"

Every child will hopefully remember which group of Daffs they planted, and watch them flourish for many years to come. Who knows one of them may even in the future go on to become a gardener at Hidcote. A great morning work.