Saturday, 28 February 2009

Are headache trees a health and safety risk?

Last week the gardeners were chipping the headache tree, but does it cure headaches or cause them?

the garden is just waking up...

Today is the Hidcote's first open day of 2009, and it was nice to see people here early, ready to be the first visitors. The weather is mild and overcast, and the birds are busy making noises to wake up the garden.

Lisa was at work early this morning, making sure all the signs were out to show we're open, and answering phone calls from people who were checking the opening times. Pretty little flowers in pots are popular in the plant sales centre, and soup has been the order of the day in the restaurant, which is sending out lots of tempting smells. Glyn is taking a gardening group on a tour of the garden this afternoon, I wonder if they'll ask him lots of questions?

It's hard to believe that only a few weeks ago it was all covered in thick snow.